Where I’m From…Arden (2nd grade)

10 Nov

I’m from cleaning rags and a lavender room.

I’m from the pine trees where my club house is.

I’m from butter sandwiches and 2nd grade papers.

I’m from the big parks in Nashville.

I’m from piano keys and the Xmen.

I’m from petting my cat and dresses.

I’m from wonderful things.


Where I’m From… by Lucy (3rd grade)

10 Nov

I’m from the toys scattered all around the house. 

I’m from my living room.

I’m from my Grandma’s trampoline.

I’m from daisies.

I’m from going to ChuckECheese twice a year.

I’m from picking strawberries to eat.

I’m from doing a lot of math.

I’m from my Grandpa Drew.

I’m from going to Arby’s.

I’m from pop music.

I’m from ICarly.

I’m from always getting told “Yes!”



Where I’m From…by Cameron (3rd grade ( – I corrected spelling – the rest is all theirs!)

10 Nov

I’m from my Mom’s side of the family.

I’m from the nice warm hot sizzle that touches your tongue from the steak on the nice warm summer day.

I’m from the bees that sting you, touch you, heat you, and sting you on the nice warm hot summer day that heats you when you step outside and the light that heats you in the face.

Man that is warm!

NCAARD Writer’s Club

10 Nov

The NCAARD Writer’s Club met for the second time last Wednesday.  Kate was our guide again.  This time she brougt an amazing poem by George Ella Lyon entitled “Where I’m From…” After reading and discussing the poem, and several examples by other young writers, Kate challenged the kids to write their own “Where I’m From…”  They were so eager to write and the results were mind-boggling and incredibly touching.  I was moved to tears by many of them.

I’m entering each one seperately.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  I encourage you to comment, and challenge you to write your own “Where I’m From…” – add it here if you’d like!  


24 May

Its the night before the last day of school.  The New Concord Village Crew and Linda Jones have been working tirelessly to get the New Concord Area Pool ready!  The fifth-graders get to try it all out.  Its going to be a HOT day,  perfect for some swimming and lounging around the pool with friends.  The rest of us get to head in on Saturday at 12:30.  Can’t wait!!!

I love this pool – there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but you can see the entire pool from wherever you park yourself.  The life-guards are great so busy Moms and Dads (or Grandmas and Grandpas…) can relax a little, know their kids are in great hands, and enjoy the pool themselves!

I hope to see you all there!

Have a wonderful summer!!





2 Apr

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